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More than 17 years ago, the person behind Safety Care Group was still a young man named Nguyen Hoang Phi, who was studying labor protection. The only advantages he had was youth, passion for the profession and an enthusiastic heart. He decided to spend years learning and working at different multinational companies in Asia and Europe, from Cambodia, Japan, Singapore to Germany, France, and so on. The more he traveled, read, and learnt, the more he realized that these multinational companies had one thing in common: the interests of workers is always prioritized, so safety, health and environmental policies are always invested and strictly controlled.

That valuable experience has rekindled a big dream – to be a solid launching pad for businesses and to take better care of their workers. However, working alone could rarely reach significant results. The idea has motivated him even more when he was promoted to the manager of the Asia-Pacific region (working in the Philippines) At that time, Nguyen Hoang Phi decided to start An Toan Phat company in the HSE-ISO segment to provide services to more businesses. This decision is like an act of breaking down personal barriers to reach greater mission and values.

A 10-year journey of endurance and courage

In 2012, Nguyen Hoang Phi started An Toan Phat Company, marking the beginning of Safety Care Group in HSE in construction. Operating for about 4 years in stability and safety, CEO Nguyen Hoang Phi realized that this vision is still short-term. Once again, the will of the past year came back and made the CEO more concerned to change to target more business sectors and more industries.

2019 is a breakthrough milestone when CEO Nguyen Hoang Phi and his colleagues expanded the company to the production segment. The beginning of a new chapter on the HSE-ISO industry goes beyond the traditional framework.

The charm came slowly but deepened. In 2020, CEO Nguyen Hoang Phi made a bold decision to transform the stable capital model and establish the Safety Care Group ‘ecosystem’ to go further in this field.

In 2021, safety care group’s mission is clearly pictured. EO Nguyen Hoang Phi and the Board of Directors determined to change, planning for medium and long-term strategies and getting ready to welcome new waves, quickly seize opportunities, gradually develop, and affirm the brand in the market.

Nearly 10 years of building internal resources to create a solid premise and more than 2 years of finding the mission and rising up, Safety Care Group is ready to join the big game and reach out to the world market with the direction of HSE-ISO development for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

The value Safety Care Group brings to customers:

1. The value that Safety Care Group always aims for is to create sustainable development for businessesemployees and society through products and services. Safety Care Group cooperates with businesses according to the principles and principles Safety Care Group cooperates with businesses according to the principles and principles:

  • Always comply with HSE-ISO legislation in production and business.
  • Expand the scale, establish a high-quality foundation, strengthen the management system to create surplus value on employees.

“The surplus value on workers is measured by the performance and time spent by workers with the business. Thus, when employees are working on a comprehensive HSE-ISO solution, they will contribute and contribute at 2 or 3 times the value of the enterprise’s one-time investment resources.”

2. Integrated & Flexible (ALL IN ONE)

All in One – “All in One” The difference that Safety Care Group brings to customers, as well as positioning in the market is:

Integration: Instead of businesses having to spend time looking for each ‘piece’ for the HSE-ISO picture to be completed, now, with available resources and a comprehensive solution from A to Z, Safety Care Group will help reduce time and save resources for businesses.

Flexible: Products and services are TAILORED and long-term according to the status quo, which also stick to the business plan while still ensuring international standards. This customizability will optimize the budget with highest efficiency.

International standards and comprehensive HSE solutions are always something that businesses want to have to go further with the international market. Safety Care Group aims at the global business game, confidently creating core values for a stronger foundation. This confidence is gained because Safety Care Group follows a clear mission.

Mission of Safety Care Group:

As a platform to support domestic and foreign manufacturing enterprises to participate in the global supply chain to contribute to the prosperity of the world

Core Values

  • Honourable
  • Passion for success
  • Share the results
  • Teammates
  • Self-development
  • System
  • Consistency

Member companies: