Training and coaching services at SCG are built to serve the EVOLVING needs of businesses SCG’s services provide your human resources with a CLEAR and TRUE understanding of safety, how to operate machines, and the health of workers during their work. thereby, increasing labor productivity and minimizing risks in the labor process. We have a team of experts covering the entire field of HSE-ISO (Health Safety Environment) for you to have the most comprehensive training and training plan:

  • Save time learning each solution and the right experts for each array in HSE-ISO
  • Optimize costs for businesses when conducting individual training courses

With the motto of developing ALL IN ONE services to support customers witha plan to trainand learning the team in a scientific and sustainable way

Coaching Services – Training at Safety Care Group

What does the Training – Coaching service at SCG provide for the employees of the enterprise?

1. Training according to occupational safety and health IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAW

The SCG offers courses according to the legal basis that the state has specified as follows:

  • Occupational safety and health training according to Decree No.44/2016/ND-CP & Decree No.140/2018/ND-CP for training groups: Group 1 (Director, Deputy Director etc.), Group 2 (Specialized ministries, semi-specialized, people in charge of occupational safety and health at enterprises, etc.), Group 3 (Employees working under strict requirements on the list of jobs issued by SRGBV), Group 4 (Employees who do not belong to groups 1, 2, 3, 5), Group 5 (Workers’ health workers, health workers at the grassroots level), Group 6 (Safety Net, hygiene workers, safety and hygiene workers at the grassroots level)
  • Training occupational safety and health trainers according to Circular No.31/2018/TT-BLDTBXH
  • Training in first aid skills according to Circular No.19/2016/TT-BYT. Fire protection skills according to Circular No.66/2014/TT-BCA
  • omprehensive safety training No.31/2014/TT-BCT Training Chemical Safety to Decree No.113/2017/ND-CP
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment and emergency response drills.

2. Primary vocational training

So that the employees of the enterprise can effectively operate the machines and have knowledge of the most specific and correct equipment. Support businesses to reduce the risk of damage, labor accidents and improve productivity. SCG’s training and training course provides you with deep and correct expertise in operating in the business:

    • Construction engineering
    • Welding Technology
    • Scaffolding erection technique
    • Construction Machine Shipping
    • Forklift operation
    • Electrical engineering.
    • Operating pressure equipment
    • Operating Steam Boiler

3. Training necessary skills for workers

In addition to legal knowledge and regulations, SCG provides customers with training courses on skills to fully support employees during their work. Essential skills in occupational safety and health:

  • The company’s driver team (2 wheels, 4 wheels, forklifts…) will be trained thoroughly and proficient in defense skills to minimize risks during working at the facility.
  • Training skills to save drowning people and exit skills for high-rise buildings
  • Lifting and lowering safety supervision training and advanced safety monitoring.
  • 5S Training: Series – Sort, Section – Arrange, Seiso – Clean, Seiketsu – Care, Shisuke – Ready. This supports employees to manage and arrange an effective working environment and improve mental health
  • Safe working posture training for employees to improve work morale in order to increase labor productivity.
  • Technical supervision of scaffolding according to BS1139. standard – The standard stipulates the specifications on the size, length, thickness, type of constituent materials, transport capacity, etc. of scaffolding materials, including galvanized pipes, which are connected closely linked by a system of shackles, ladders, scaffolding trays, jacks, … forming a scaffolding system.
  • Signaling and cable hooking
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Fire & Rescue
  • Basic first aid
  • Driver protection (car)
  • Driving guard (2 wheels)
  • Protection of 4-wheel driving (tractor type)
  • Management of construction project safety records
  • Factory safety record management
  • Basic safety supervisor training
  • Safety board management skills training
  • HSE management of subcontractors’ activities in the manufacturing plant
  • Audit (Law, Process, improvement assessment, safety index)
  • Safety training for trainers
  • Internal auditer ISO 45001- 2018
  • Lead auditer ISO 45001- 2018
  • Respond to emergency situations
  • Training on reporting and assessing occupational safety and health in accordance with Decree 58/2020 NDCP

With an existing network of HSE experts, Safety Care Group can provide immediate support to your business needs in terms of training and coaching In particular, we set up for our customers a complete, linked, and scientific process in accordance with the ALL IN ONE spirit that we pursue. Contact SCG for advice on training and coaching programs according to your business needs and current status.